Jumaat, 11 Mac 2011

About Dal Shabet

Dal★shabet (달샤벳) is a South Korean Girl Group created by  E-Tribe through their label Happy Face Entertainment.

The six members of the group are: Vicky (or Kang Eun Hye, born 1988, leader), Serri (or Park Mi Yeon, born 1990), Ah Young (born 1991), Jiyul (born 1991), Gaeun (born 1992) and Subin (born 1994). Vicky is a former member of A-Force and Jewelry, Seo In Young and VOS. Gaeun was on the Korea Project Runway Final Show.

Dal★shabet debuted in early January 2011.Their music video Supa Dupa Diva was released on 3 January 2011. Their debut stage was on Music Bank.On January 30, 2011, their single had entered in the Inkigayo.
Take 7 for the first time.The following day, the group took on the top 10 k-chart in Music Bank.

Genre:Pop,Dance Pop,Teen Pop.

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